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Since When is the Term “Oriental” Racist?

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After spending almost a decade in China, my return to Canada was not without surprises.  I was quite astounded when I discovered that I’ve become sexist, anti-ageist, and a chauvinist.  If that isn’t bad enough, I’ve recently been made aware of the fact that I’m also a horribly racist person.

Over all those years I was under the false impression that the term “Oriental” was an untainted term used to describe people from East and Southeast Asian, and more particularly those from China, Korean, and Japan. Read More

china's three teachings: Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism

Why is China Kicking Ass? Explaining Chinese Values and Behaviors via the Three Teachings: Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism

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To what does China owe its success? What are the forces that has shaped Chinese society and thinking? To better understand China, as well as present-day Chinese behavior, values, and world view, it is important to understand the country’s three historic schools of thought: Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. Read More


Why Our Standard of Beauty Went from Fit to Fat – “It’s What’s Inside that Counts”

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“It’s What’s Inside that Counts” – it’s funny how this phrase only seems to exist in Western cultures. Western society wants us to think that concentrating on a person’s outward appearance is shallow. They wants us to imagine that the heavy-breathing 300 pound lady in front of you in the Walmart checkout line with a cart full of cheesies has a really good personality, not in terrible health, and that having a baby with her wouldn’t be the biggest mistake of your life. A less extreme example would be Kim Kardashian’s giant butt on the cover of Playboy Magazine. Somehow this is now deemed beautiful in our society. Read More

I don't make love. I fuck, hard

Fifty Shades of Grey: Why did our gender neutral society pay 500,000,000 dollars to watch a woman get treated like dirt?

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With all the rape and sexual assault cases in the news this past year, making men look like power-hungry sex-crazed maniacs, it’s interesting to note that our “gender neutral” society, in which both genders are neither dominant nor submissive, paid 500 million dollars to watch a movie about a power-hungry sex-crazed maniac treat a woman like dirt.

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Keys to the VIP: Pickup Tips I’ve Learned from Watching All 39 Episodes

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There are numerous books and videos available to help you improve your “game”.  There’s Neils Strauss’ The Game, books on evolutionary biology and psychology, Robin Baker’s Sperm Wars, Matt Ridely’s Red Queen, Richard Dawkin’s Selfish Gene, Robert Greene’s The Art of Seduction  and last but not least the TV series The Pickup Artist (Seasons 1 and 2).  I have had personal exposures “in the field”, and more than a few successes, but it was only when I watched Keys to the VIP (KTTVIP) that I realized how terrible my “game” really is. Read More