Females from Anglo countries often try to push their internationally unpopular world views onto foreigners and foreign countries. Does it make any sense to do this? How would we react if the opposite were to happen?

In VICE’s The Mobile Love Industry, The Digital Love Industry, and BBC’s Sex in Strange Places Trilogy, you see the American or British female host trying to push her Third-Wave feminism ideology on females in countries like Russia and Turkey that, for the most part, think Third-Wave Feminism is ridiculous.

(Keep in mind: First and Second Wave Feminism were mainly about women obtaining the right to vote, the right to own land, and equal pay. These movements produced positive outcomes and were welcomed by all guys and gals.

It’s Third Wave Feminism (TWF) – 1990s-present –  that gets weird. It’s about debating what it is to be feminine, and advocates believe that women should not behave like traditional women and that showing feminine qualities is a sign of weakness.

Because it says that women should not behave like they did in the past, there is therefore no standard of how a women should behave in our present day. Supporters of  TWF feel that they can behave however they want – this produces women who look like prison inmates and talk like truckers. Not good.)

Now that we distinguished Third-Wave Feminism from the first two Waves, let’s continue…

So you got this American or British woman and her camera crew barging into the streets of someplace like Russia interviewing people and disagreeing with everything they’re saying – “No, rich good looking Russian prostitute, you’re wrong – women should be treated this way, women should behave that way…”

How would we react if the opposite were to happen?

Could you imagine some guy from Turkey and his film crew coming to Canada or the US and trying to push his unpopular world views on us? How would we react?

Turkish guys explaining why they prefer bumming trannies over straight women.

Turkish guys explaining why they prefer bumming trannies over straight women.

For example in Turkey, as seen in BBC’s Sex in Strange Places: Turkey (YT link), it’s common for “straight” guys to bum trannies on the regular. Imagine one of the guys coming over to Canada with his documentary crew interviewing Canadian guys on the streets of Toronto, asking them:

Turkish interviewer (TI): So how come you straight guys aren’t  bumming trannies on the regular?”

CDN guy: Um…

TI: Is it because you don’t have any trannies?

CDN guy: No, we have trannies…

TI: So you have trannies but you guys aren’t bumming them on the regular?

CDN guy: Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

TI: I’m confused. Why aren’t all straight Canadian guys bumming trannies? That’s what all the guys do in Turkey. You guys are really strange. You got these trannies just waiting to be bummed, but you’re not bumming them. I just don’t get it. What do I have to do to get all you straight Canadian guys to get out there and bum those trannies? We should start a movement  – all straight Canadian guys must break free of their traditional maleness and bum trannies!

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