Cybercrime pays and Goodman wrote 392 pages telling the story of how cyber criminals have been getting away with this. Innovative Marketing, Inc (a company also known by the FTC by other names such as Billingnow, BillPlanet PTE Ltd., Globedat, Innovative Marketing Ukraine, Revenue Response, Sunwell, Synergy Software BV, Winpayment Consultancy SPC, Winsecure Solutions, and Winsolutions FZ-LLC) and Partnerkas are two felonous companies he sets as an example, but there are others out there. The first trick is to embed the virus in a legitimate ad or program so that unsuspecting people can download these and reinfect their own systems.

Then there are the big crime gangs, the mafia, who control so much of the cyber crime internationally. They can control the world because they have some of the best hackers working for them, and making good money for it. Some of the stories Goodman recounts are quite hairy, such as doing quick google searches of business executives at airports via smart phones to determine which business executive is the most profitable (to kidnap). Then there’s the tactic of crowd sourcing, where a business places a fake ad for employment, only to unwittingly recruit people to commit a crime. Some of these stories are so unbelievable, they are frightening.