Keys to the VIP: Pickup Tips I’ve Learned from Watching All 39 Episodes

Keys to the VIP: Pickup Tips I’ve Learned from Watching All 39 Episodes

There are numerous books and videos available to help you improve your “game”.  There’s Neils Strauss’ The Game, books on evolutionary biology and psychology, Robin Baker’s Sperm Wars, Matt Ridely’s Red Queen, Richard Dawkin’s Selfish Gene, Robert Greene’s The Art of Seduction  and last but not least the TV series The Pickup Artist (Seasons 1 and 2).  I have had personal exposures “in the field”, and more than a few successes, but it was only when I watched Keys to the VIP (KTTVIP) that I realized how terrible my “game” really is.

I was so amazed by some of the contestants on the show and their rock-solid pickup performances, that I felt obligated to take down notes from every episode, compile them, and produce a tight Game Plan for both myself and my buddies, one that we could rely on when we’re out on the town.

To show you exactly what I mean, take a peek at these two videos:

My Game Plan is based on my biggest realizations I gathered after watching KTTVIP, so I’ll first start with those.

Biggest Realizations: 

1. Five minutes is a realistic allowance to pick up a woman and get her number.  You can and should do it.

2. I needed a whole bag of new openers – mine suck.  All the best openers are shown below.

3. Get that all important kiss within the first 5 minutes.

4. How important it is for her to return to her friends at the end of the 5 minutes so that you can call her when the friends aren’t around.

5. A rough game plan is a must, and you must always be thinking about reaching the next step. (Game Plan is listed below)


Game Plan aka What the Most Successful Pickups on KTTVIP All Had in Common – Steps:

1. Opener (your opening line). MANY examples below.

2b (Optional) Twirl, high-five – gets her comfortable with her touching you.

3. Isolate. Steal her away from her friends: get a shot at the bar.

3b. Build rapport. Some chit-chat. (Rapport can be established before isolation too)

4. Build sexual tension. Make the shot sexual. Eg R-rated shot. (more info on the R-rated shot below)

5. Kiss. Always go for a kiss on the lips. Always.

6. Number. Get her number – this way she can meet up with you later that night (or another day) without her friend knowing about it.

7. Remember her name when saving the number to your cell phone!

8. Call her later to meet up one on one (same night or another day). If it’s another day have a plan on what you’re going to do that day. eg Make her your world famous steak/pasta/whatever.

If you accomplish all of these steps, you’ll be rewarded with success!



The openers taught in classes by Mystery or any other “pickup up artist” are usually pretty terrible.

Here at some of the best openers from KTTVIP, ordered from best to pretty good:

“If I wasn’t gay I’d be all over you.” GIRL: I can convert you….

See a girl dancing, you say: “You know – most times people like to dance to the beat.”

“So embarrassing – I almost wore the same thing tonight!”

“You remind me of my friend Tyler. Don’t worry he’s pretty hot.”

“I’m new in town, can I get directions to your apartment? ” (Optional: can also use Borat or another foreign accent)

“Hello I’m [name]. I’m friendly, I’m financially stable, and I have an interesting piece of DNA.”

“Is your name Alicia?” *No.* “Good, because I haven’t called her in about 3 weeks.”

“My ex-girlfriend is here tonight and I want to make her jealous. Can you help me out with that?”

“You look like you’re on a search for something.” GIRL: for what? You: A good time! Well, you found the right guy – what’s your name?

“I think we would make beautiful babies together.”

“You look lonely.”

“You look sad.”

“I like the outfit – kinda like Sporty Spice/20 minute workout girl…” etc.

“Do you know where all the cool girls are at?”

“Do you believe in love at first sight? I don’t either, but when I saw you doing ____ it took my breath away.”

“You remind me of my gf!” Tell her all the ways in details….then later say, “You know what? I don’t really have a gf.”

“You’re scaring me!” *WHY?* “Because…[insert reason]…eg you look just like my ex girlfriend.” Can tell her all the ways she reminds you of your ex…then later say, “You know what? I don’t really have a gf.”

Get a random girl to introduce you to your desired girl.

Palm reading.  After an introduction, “I’m a palm reader, I’m gonna read your palm. This is one is your love line and it’s a little short, it’s because I’m not in your life, and you’re not calling me…..I gotta admit, I’m not a palm reader, I just thought you were really cute.”

“Do you wanna know why you suck? Because you’re not dancing with me/because you’re not [doing something] with me.”

Challenge a girl to a dance off.

“Who wants to play a drinking game?”

Persuade a women to reveal her sexy secret talent.

Sample Conversation:

YOU:  “If I wasn’t gay I’d be all over you.”

HER: I can convert you…

YOU: Oh really, how would you do that?

HER: [She continues]

Ask for her name, introduce yourself. REMEMBER her name for when you take down her number.

YOU (assuming her friends are still right next to you): I’m gonna steal your friend away for a few minutes, we’ll be right back. I’ll take good care of her.

HER: Where are we going?

YOU: We’re going to do a shot. An R-rated shot.

[Shot arrives]

YOU: Cheers

[Shoot them down]

HER: I didn’t see anything R-rated in there.

YOU: First you do the shot, then you do something R-rated.

Kiss her. Talk for a couple more minutes. Then say, “Hey, I gotta get back to my friends, but let me take down your number and I’ll call you later.”

You take down the number in your phone. YOU: Sarah, right? Great, I’ll give you a call later.


Things to Keep in Mind:

If the girl is giving you signs that she doesn’t want to go back to her friends and wants to leave the bar right now with you, then taking down her number right then and there is not recommended, as she would think that you’re an idiot for not seeing such obvious signs.

Try to touch her a lot before the kiss – high five’s, twirl her, hold her hand on the way to the bar, etc.

The dreadful Mother hen – first need to qualify yourself to her, charm her, demonstrate you’re a quality guy.

Don’t ask questions, or at least keep them to a minimum.

Go to a bar/club to have a good time and don’t make it too obvious that you want to pick up.

Complimenting + teasing = sexual tension = how to flirt like a pro.

Props You Can Use as Openers:

  • Sucker
  • Gum
  • Lint (not seen in KTTVIP. Pretend to pull it out of her hair.)

That’s it! Feel free to use this Game Plan, go out, and have fun.

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