Fifty Shades of Grey: Why did our gender neutral society pay 500,000,000 dollars to watch a woman get treated like dirt?

Fifty Shades of Grey: Why did our gender neutral society pay 500,000,000 dollars to watch a woman get treated like dirt?

With all the rape and sexual assault cases in the news this past year, making men look like power-hungry sex-crazed maniacs, it’s interesting to note that our “gender neutral” society, in which both genders are neither dominant nor submissive, paid 500 million dollars to watch a movie about a power-hungry sex-crazed maniac treat a woman like dirt.

Why would (mostly) women, living in a gender neutral society, who don’t believe in men being dominant or women being submissive, pay a crazy amount of money to watch something that they don’t believe in or agree with?

Why do these women from a gender neutral society, who are very much against powerful dominant men, get so hot and bothered watching a powerful dominant man treating a helpless submissive girl like dirt?

Is it possible that perhaps this gender neutral society is not right for us and that our values in our society are going in the wrong direction? That going through old texts and replacing “mankind” and replacing it with “humankind” is a little overboard? What’s next? Father and Mother Nature? Mother and Father Christmas? The Male and Female Tooth Fairy? Our lords and saviors Jesus and Jessette?

Why is it totally acceptable for girls to dress like guys and take traditionally male positions, but guys can’t wear miniskirts and put on lipstick and apply for positions like secretary or makeup artist?

What if in 50 Shades of Grey Christian really liked it when Anastasia dressed up like a man, put on a massive black strap-on dildo and bummed him the in ass? Would that not turn on female viewers? Would that movie rake in 500 million dollars? Why not? I thought stuff like this is totally acceptable in our “gender neutral” society.

And how does attraction exist in a gender neutral society? Since when do two neutrals attract? Hey, I’m gender neutral, you’re gender neutral, let’s go have a gender neutral good time.

When I talk to my grandma about her growing up in the 1920’s, 1930’s etc, it seems like a legitimately romantic era – the women were all quite petit, feminine and, although less common, still had the freedom to choose a career other than that of a housewife. A time in which guys looked and acted masculine, and women looked and acted feminine – what a concept!

Even looking at issues of Playboy Magazine from the 50s, 60s, 70s, it always featured slim, elegant women, with long legs, and a decent sense of style and a strong sense of pride in their womanly features. Now, instead of this, we get to look at Kim Kardashian’s big fat oily butt. Gross.

Judging by the obvious success and popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey it appears that women today are yearning to do away with our current gender neutral society and return to a time when men and women embraced their differences, a time which, instead of constantly butting heads, males and females perform roles in which one sex complements the other, thereby establishing a more harmonious relationship between the sexes and on the whole producing a more harmonious society.

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