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Calafou – An Experiment in Collective Living

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If you’re all about alternative lifestyles, collective living might be for you. Taken from Jamie Bartlett’s book The Dark Net:

Calafou is an experiment in collective living. It is currently run and managed by its thirty or so permanent residents, in partnership with an organisation called the ‘Catalan Integral Cooperative’ (CIC). CIC’s vision is to find new ways of living sustainably, ethically and communally outside the capitalist system, based on the principle of economic and political self-determination.

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So Many Reasons to Live in Taiwan over Shanghai: Dick in a Box, Girls, Amphetamines, Surfing, and More

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After experiencing 10 bleak months of polar-vortex-grade winter during my 2-year stay in Canada, I came up with the novel idea of, funds permitting, spending my next winter in a warmer part of the world.

My first choice would be Thailand, but because my Canadian friend Max, who had also lived in Shanghai for many years, has been raving about Taiwan, a country I have never been before, I decided to explore this option. Read More

How Buddha Saved a Chinese Bookie turned Peruvian Drug Lord: Chino

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I once tutored a Chinese bookie named Oliver. We were introduced by a mutual lady friend, a law student who I met at Windows, a popular dive bar in Shanghai. She thought Oliver and I would get along. Once a week he would pay me 60 dollars for a two-hour session, which included a massive free meal. Definitely not my highest paying client, but it wasn’t a bad deal considering what went on. Read More