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Was I Really Raped? How Our Memories Work

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Think about popular sexual harassment cases for a minute. Probably not the most positive thing to ponder over, but bear with me. A few names come to mind – Jian Ghomeshi, Bill Cosby, Casey Affleck, Mattress Girl’s Paul Nungesser, and many others.  What to they all have in common? The alleged attacker was either acquitted of all charges, the case was dropped,  or the case ended in mistrial. Yes, even Bill Cosby’s case has recently ended in mistrial. Read More

Dying from Herpes

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Maybe you were a huge slut in your 20s, or maybe your partner engaged in group sex parties without telling you, or maybe you enjoyed putting on your best friend’s mom’s lipstick because she’s a total MILF.

No matter how you got herpes, it is here to stay. And, if it already hasn’t punished you enough, someday it might even attack your brain and kill you. That’s when it goes from your run-of-the-mill blistery itchy herpes to full-out I-wanna-eat-your-brain herpes.

So I’d like to share with you briefly my close encounter with herpes encephalitis. Read More

Straight Guys Bumming Trannies on the Regular – The New Western Norm

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Females from Anglo countries often try to push their internationally unpopular world views onto foreigners and foreign countries. Does it make any sense to do this? How would we react if the opposite were to happen?

In VICE’s The Mobile Love Industry, The Digital Love Industry, and BBC’s Sex in Strange Places Trilogy, you see the American or British female host trying to push her Third-Wave feminism ideology on females in countries like Russia and Turkey that, for the most part, think Third-Wave Feminism is ridiculous. Read More


Shanghai’s Three Most Exciting Time Periods of the 20th Century & the Sexy Zhang Ziyi

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Jasmine Women (simplified Chinese: 茉莉花开Mòlihuā kāi; literally: “Blooming Jasmine”) is a 2004 film starring the lovely Zhang Ziyi.

Zhang plays the youngest of three generations of women who lead lives in Shanghai, China, during the city’s most exciting time periods.

Mo, in 1930’s Shanghai (1);

Li, in 1950’s Shanghai (2)

Hua, in 1980’s Shanghai. (3)

String the three names together and you get “MoLiHua” (茉莉花)- the Chinese word for “Jasmine”, hence the movie title “Jasmine Women.” Read More

This is What Happens When You Bring a Robotic Chinese Babe-Maid into a White Household

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(Spoiler alert! This post includes details from the entire first season of the new British-American science fiction TV show Humans, which debuted on June 14, 2015 on Channel 4 and AMC.)

What happens when you bring in a hot Chinese babe-maid into a white household? The new TV show Humans explores the various possibilities.

Humans, Channel 4’s most highly rated drama since 1992, explores the emotional and societal impact of living side-by-side with “Synths” – robotic assistants/helpers that are almost physically undisguisable from real human beings. Read More