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The Brompton Cocktail Makes the Pain Go Away

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“Treatments for pain came in strange concoctions. One was called the Brompton cocktail—a combo named for the English hospital where it was used: morphine, cocaine, Thorazine, honey, gin, and water—which read to me like a concoction some street junkie would come up with, but which I’m told was pretty effective.”

Taken from the book Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic. 

The cocktail was originally meant for terminally-ill cancer patients to relieve pain and be more sociable while on their death bed. Read More

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High (Education) Maintenance: My Experiences as a Tutor in Shanghai, China

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Visualize The Guy – that nameless marijuana dealer of the hit web series High Maintenance (trailer below).

I was that Guy in Shanghai, but instead of weed my product was a tutoring service.  And my clients were not colorful New Yorkers, but super rich expat kids who attended the most expensive international high schools in China. Below is a peek into the not-so-normal lives of my four students: Jessica, Cindy, Justin, and Caprice. Read More

How Buddha Saved a Chinese Bookie turned Peruvian Drug Lord: Chino

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I once tutored a Chinese bookie named Oliver. We were introduced by a mutual lady friend, a law student who I met at Windows, a popular dive bar in Shanghai. She thought Oliver and I would get along. Once a week he would pay me 60 dollars for a two-hour session, which included a massive free meal. Definitely not my highest paying client, but it wasn’t a bad deal considering what went on. Read More